2024 Powerball 11 Wednesday, July 10, 2024


2024 Powerball 11 for Wednesday, July 10, 2024



6pm Shotgun Start





Entry Fee: 

CASH entry of $20 per player (9 hole cart fee on member account if applicable)



9 Hole 4 person co-ed ABCD Scramble (Teams determined by random draw)

     *One drive from each player is required*

     ** For 2024, ALL powerball teams will be comprised of 4 players.** 


How Powerball Works:

 The $20 cash entry fee funds the Powerball jackpot. If a team wins a skin on a hole, they earn the right to draw for the powerball. If the number on the ball drawn corresponds to the hole the team won the skin on, then the players on that team win the jackpot!


Tees and Handicapping: 

Players will play from the tees in which 70% (14) of your last 20 rounds at Lantana are recorded. This includes all options on the Lantana score card (Black, Lantana Tees, Blue, Members, White, and Red). Tees will be automatically assigned based on this criteria. Players without 20 posted rounds at Lantana will default to the Blue tees for men and Red tees for ladies.


Field Size: 

Field is limited to 60 players each Wednesday



Pairings for each Wednesday will be released at 4pm.

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