Valentine's Dinner 2024-02-14


Valentine's Dinner for 2024-02-14

Valentine's Dinner

Wednesday, February 14th | 5:30pm-8:00pm

Indulge in a romantic Valentine's Dinner experience with our specially crafted menu in a cozy, candlelit setting.

Create cherished memories with your special someone. Reserve your table now for an enchanting celebration of love!


Salmon Cornet

Sesame Cone | Dill Crème Fraiche | Pink Roe | Chives

First Course

Raviolo Bergese al Tartufo

Egg Yolk Ravioli | Spinach Truffle Ricotta | Brown Butter Emulsion | Burgundy Truffle

Second Course

Winter Salad

Cream Mushroom Duxelle | Celeriac | Romanesco | Beets | Cauliflower | Trumpet Mushroom | Carrots | Pearl Onions | Chervil Oil

Third Course

Yellow Tail Mosaic

Parsley Farce | Yogurt Cream | Smoked Cream of Corn | Chive Oil | Micro Celery | Seaweed

Fourth Course

Joue de Boeuf

Braise Beef Cheeks | Celeriac Puree | Trumpet Mushroom | Crispy Onions | Horseradish

Fifth Course

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Date Cake | Toffee Sauce | Chantilly Cream 

Reservations Required

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